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Ann_8289cI am Ann Weber, a storytelling wordsmith and president of Revealing Words. I help you find your voice and share your story.

I am passionate about creating emotional connections for those seeking to make an impact and influence others.

After all, it’s all about telling your story.

I’d like to share with you some relevant details about my professional background and experience that speak to my qualifications:

      • Director of communications for Life Success Seminars, a Cincinnati nonprofit
      • Editor of From the Jungle to the Boardroom by Mike Monahan, a #1 Inc. magazine best-seller
      • Senior editor for HOW magazine, the leading business magazine for graphic-design professionals
      • Business development writer for international corporate-travel company headquartered in Chicago
      • Successful business owner
      • Bachelor of science in journalism from Northwestern University

My Approach to Working with You

    I have a unique ability to help you find your voice, whether you want to write a book or share the story about your business.

    I emphasize authenticity. And I focus on getting to know you or your business, as well as your intended message and goals. This helps you effectively share your story.

    In working with Revealing Words, you will consistently experience the following traits that clients have praised, which help make Revealing Words a better choice than other alternatives:

        • Empathy, with a focus on discovering what you want to achieve with your communication needs
        • A deep understanding and accurate interpretation of all the issues involved to ensure success
        • An ability to streamline, design and guide the entire process so you’ll achieve maximum results
        • Highlighting your voice—your book or marketing communications will accurately reflect you and your intentions

    Additionally, your expectations related to efficiency, attention to detail, reliability, responsiveness and commitment will also be met, if not exceeded, when working with Revealing Words. You can be assured that we will help you find your voice and share your story.

    Are you looking for someone who cares about finding your voice and sharing your story—and can translate that emotional connection into communication success? Please contact us at 513.526.9988 or for more information on how we can help you!


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