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  • Rodney Lee Mills

Are You Feeling Lost?

If you were lost, would you ask a dead person for directions? It may sound silly but many people today look to those who have long since been gone for guidance and direction in their lives. There is only one person whose grave is empty and claimed to be God. This person did not stop at just setting an example for us, He also provided a way for us to get home safely.

Imagine driving in an unknown part of the country and being totally lost. What would you do? Would you stop and ask for directions? If so, who would you ask? How many of you would stop at a cemetery and ask those who have long since been gone for directions? I hope the answer to that last question is “no one.” Yet most of humanity looks to those who are dead or will die to help them find their way through life. Of all the religions, there is only one founder whose grave is empty and that grave is that of Jesus Christ. So with that in mind, if you were trying to find your way through life or if you were lost, who would you ask for directions and help?

The Good News is that Jesus wasn’t just here to provide guidance for daily living, He also stood in our place which allowed for our salvation. The moment our salvation was secured was prior to Christ’s resurrection. When Jesus was on the cross, He took on the sin of the world so that we might be reconciled to God. Before that moment, eternity with God was impossible because our sin separated us from Him. It is for this reason that all of history and all of humanity hinges on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without it, life which is astronomically short in the span of eternity, would be meaningless.

It is also called the Good News because nothing is required on our behalf to spend eternity with God except to accept what Jesus did for us and to believe in His resurrection. When we do that, we become children of God and will be with Him in eternity when we leave this world. Every act we do after our salvation doesn’t secure it or make us lose it. The final act was done on the cross and there is nothing you and I can do to overcome the power demonstrated on the cross. If it were possible to gain salvation any other way, Jesus would have not gone to the cross! Our faith, salvation, and resurrection are secured because Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose on the third day. All we have to do is to BELIEVE!

It is important to note that the facts of Jesus’ death and resurrection are part of human history. They are not stories made up by Christian writers but real historical accounts that can be found throughout secular manuscripts and the secular historical record.

Just know that if you are feeling lost or feeling hopeless, Jesus will help you find your way. He has already made it possible so that you can make it home safely!

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” – John 11:25

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, ask Him into your life today!

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